Have you filed a child complaint with Missouri DESE for special education? *

Have you filed a due process complaint for special education?

If you filed a child complaint did DESE find in your favor or the district?

If you filed for due process did DESE find in your favor or the district?

If you lost your child complaint do you feel that DESE really investigated your complaint?

If you lost a due process case do you feel that the hearing panel was too pro school?

Did you know that most of the due process hearing panel members are either school district attorneys or school district employees?

Are you aware that most of the SEAP (special education advisory panel) members that are supposed to be parents of children with disabilities are either state or school district employees and that one serves two purposes on the panel?

Do you feel that your child with special needs is receiving the education and services that they are federally entitled to?

Do you know where to go to for help if you have issues with your school district's education plan for your child?

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